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Haikou Special purple clam pendant blessing [supply] _ Haikou Which clam good

Haikou Special purple clam pendant blessing [supply] _ Haikou Which clam good
Haikou Special purple clam pendant blessing [supply] _ Haikou Which clam good
Haikou Special purple clam pendant blessing [supply] _ Haikou Which clam good

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Company:Haikou wooden spinning Ltd.
Information Name: Haikou Special purple clam pendant blessing [supply] _ Haikou Which clam good
Update Time:2015-08-08
Price Description: RMB/
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Haikou Special purple clam pendant blessing [supply] _ Which Haikou Haikou good clam wooden spinning since 2013-10-20 Ltd. was established to concentrate on providing the kinds of fine purple clam pendant blessing for the needs of groups. Our products in Haikou Qiongshan area by the majority of the needs of customers, after years with product innovation, high-quality products, good service, popular in handicraft industry. We welcome the broad masses of the needs of customers to consult: Hotline: 0898-66556667, purple clam pendant Manager Wu Fu Haikou wooden spinning Ltd. sold is in strict accordance with industry standards purple clam pendant blessing to manufacture, by virtue of lean production team, superior product quality, Haikou wooden spinning has a place in Haikou Qiongshan handicrafts industry. Haikou wooden spinning production of purple clam pendant blessing main purpose is decoration, decoration, the needs of customers, please contact us. Jiangxi where you can buy clam, sea clam prices, Sichuan clam, clam Shaanxi, Ningxia Which clam good quality Please read the following information carefully purple clam pendant Fu Brand: Sea wood spinning production Address: Haikou City, Hainan Province King Shan District, Building 13, Room 407 A Hing Dan Road Manufacturer: Haikou wooden spinning Ltd. is customizable: You can customize Repairs Region: King Shan District, Haikou, Hainan is printed LOGO: LOGO not printed color: light purple Product Grade: High Price: Negotiable Product Name: purple clam pendant Fu Production process: artificial carving patterns, chamfering, drilling, polishing Delivery time: Proceed to the following business day, where you can buy clam Sichuan, Shaanxi clam prices, Which is good, Liaoning clam quality information as the economy of the progress, more and more into people's lives crafts gifts, which also handicraft industry company brought good prospects for development. Haikou wooden spinning is a majority of those who need to provide exquisite purple clam pendant blessing through store sales marketing. We can delivery the product for the buyers of the products shipped by land transport and Logistics. Purple clam pendant Fukumoto company supplies primarily for the needs of groups, product sales in Haikou Qiongshan area. Purple clam pendant blessing Haikou wooden spinning in the supply of clam as the main material, the material from the clam, refined product appearance, can be made by bank transfer; face to face transactions payment transactions, buyers and sellers negotiate freight. For orders of customers, we will work day shipping, logistics and the way the land is used. Haikou wooden spinning Ltd. is a professional supplier of purple clam pendant blessing suppliers, the main purple clam pendant Fuk sales in Haikou, Qiongshan District and other places, our supply of product types wide variety, excellent quality won the praise of demand groups. Welcome to customers in various industries in various fields come to our tour guide, our company located in Haikou City, Pearl River Plaza Marina Boulevard, Contact Manager Wu 13876708387. Our website also more clam wholesale Yunnan, Anhui clam prices, good quality of Henan Which clam, clam Which Jilin good quality http://matialiu2012.1688.com information you view
Contact Detail
Company Name: Haikou wooden spinning Ltd.
Employee Number: 11 - 50 persons
Annual export: Below 500,000 CNY
Year Established: 2013
Contact Person: Mr. Mr. Wu(Manager)
Telephone Number: 0898-66556667
Company Address: Haikou City, Hainan Province, Room 407, Building A, Xing Dan King Shan District Road on the 13th, Haikou City, Hainan, China
Zip/Postal Code: 570203
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